Sunday, November 06, 2011

Search the Web

Browsing internet radio stations for genres has been available a long time since version 2. Now with Version 3.5 it is possible to browse genres at UPnP/DAAP music servers too - so long as you tagged the genre field at your music collection of course.

I like a small but powerful extension: Long press on the current song info at the main screen opens the Now playing pop-up menu which contains an additional entry now: Search the web. This feature starts a search at Google using the current song info. The result is show in a new window and provides amazing results, like links to the song text, background information at Wikipedia, etc. Check this out!

Some user reviews complain about the user interface. Personally I like a simple and clear design - function is more important than form! However I did some small UI adjustments in this release:
  • The volume control is now a slider instead of plus/minus buttons - this should ease adjustment of volume and give a better feedback.
  • I re-designed most menu and list icons to better fit into the dark UI theme which is the default of Android Gingerbread.
Hope you like these changes!

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