Sunday, December 11, 2011

Easy switching between multiple SoundBridges

One of the most wanted features is easy switching between multiple players. It seems that a lot of users of Remote for SoundBridge own more than one SoundBridge.

Now, here it is! Version 3.6 adds Switch player to the context menu of the main screen. You open this context menu by long touching the space below the volume control bar where normally the now playing information is displayed:
The sub menu of Switch player contains the names of all SoundBridges that Remote for SoundBridge had ever been connected. By touching one of these names the app immediately switches to this player.

But how does the menu gets filled? Automatically! Simply connect to all of your SoundBridges using one of the proved methods:
  • Go to Preferences menu, touch My Soundbridge and Hostname and enter either the host name or the IP address of the player, or
  • Use Preferences - My Soundbridge - Scan to automatically discover the devices in your local network.
Once the connection is established their parameters are stored persistent at the phone. If for some reason the list of players and their connection data gets invalid, don't panic: Use Preferences - History - Clear Player History to wipe out the persistent data.

The Scan algorithm has also been improved to handle multiple players in one network. The output now shows the name, the IP address and the host name of each device.

One last question: How do all my SoundBridges get their unique name, like "SoundBridgeTwo" or "BathRoom"? Open the address http://soundbridge/SoundBridgeConfig.html in your web browser and set the Player Name!

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