Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Preferences for sort order and albums of artist

Les evaluated RokuControl and rated one star only. The app works, but "does not understand track number order" and "no nested search such as artist then album".

These are very frustrating moments for me as the developer of the app, because both features are implemented already for a long time. Apparently Les missed to scroll down the Preferences menu.

People have different opinions about sort order - it also depends on the type of the music server. Personally I prefer to get all titles of an artist immediately when clicking at his name - others like to get the albums of the artist first. Because tastes differ I decided to put these settings into the Preferences menu. Please find and use them!

Press Menu - More - Preferences. Scroll down a little bit:

The setting "Albums of artist" should be self-explaining.

When you touch "Sorting" a pop-up menu appears. Here you may select the sort order that applies to the song list:

  • Determined by server: The app doesn't care about sorting and lists the songs in the order provided by the music server.
  • Track number: The songs are sorted by the name of the containing album, then by the disc number, then by track number. This however works only if album and track number are present in the meta data of the song. If they are missing, then the tracks are sorted alphabetically.
  • Alphabetically: The songs are sorted alphabetically by their name. 

The above rules apply to any case. It makes no difference whether you are browsing albums or folder structures.

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