Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bugfix release 4.4

Some users reported that some of the queuing methods, like Append all to queue, don't work. Although I can't reproduce this issue (because I don't use iTunes) I think I know what the reason is.

I tried to fix this in release 4.4. This is the one and only change, so most users won't see any difference compared with release 4.3.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Enhancements for tablets

The new version 4.3 enhances the user interface on tablets. The main screen now contains the song queue additionally. The user may navigate through the queue using scroll and touch gestures.
The song queue appears at the right part of the screen in landscape mode and on the bottom in portrait mode. Therefore I had to limit the size of the cover image. But I hope the additional functionality compensates this.
Since Remote for SoundBridge is still free of charge, I don't own a large number of devices. So I tested the new layout only at a 7" tablet with Android 4. Hopefully it will fit into other sizes well!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Version 4.2: Enhancements for ICS

The number of devices with Android 4 rises steadily. So I invested some work to adapt the user interface to the new Holo theme on these devices. An action bar is now displayed at the bottom of the screen (in portrait mode) which gives you fast access to the most used actions of the app: Presets, Music servers, Browse, Song Queue, and Search.
Of course Remote for SoundBridge is still running on older versions of Android (starting with 2.1). But it still has the well-known user interface.
Users of all supported versions benefit from the other enhancements:
Now it is possible to control the playback volume of the SoundBridge with the hardware volume buttons of the phone.
The context menu of the Song Queue screen now offers an additional command to clear the whole queue at once.
Some users reported that the chosen sort order doesn't apply to all browsing methods, e.g. "Albums of Artist". I tried to fix this.
Have fun with this new version of Remote For SoundBridge!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Browse composers, sort artists by ignoring "The"

People who like classical music often tag their music with different tags for artist and composer: While the composer of  "Orchestral Suites BWV 1066" is J. S. Bach, the artist may be "The Academy of Ancient Music".
So consequently it should be possible to browse for either the artist or the composer - the new version 4.1 makes this possible.
This feature depends on the ability of your music server to browse by composers. Personally I use the Firefly Media Server which works seamless.
Listeners of popular music rarely use the composer tag, but they may have another problem: Ignore the "The"! Is "The Cult" listed between "Crowded House" and "Cyndi Lauper" or between "Tangerine Dream" and "Thin Lizzy"? With this version you may now customize the behavior using the Preferences screen: Tap on Browsing and then on Artist List Sort and choose the option you like.

Because the preferences menu got somewhat overloaded over the time I decided to split it into several screens.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

New major release 4

Application renamed
I renamed the application from "RokuControl" to "Remote for SoundBridge". This new name describes clearly for what the app is intended and avoids collisions with the product and brand "Roku".

Edit your favorites
If you have registered your SoundBridge with, then you may have used the favorites list. Since browsing favorites with Remote for SoundBridge is possible a long time, now you may add and remove radio stations to/from the favorites list as well. To add a station, use the Now playing context menu. To remove a station, go to Browse - My Favorites and use the station's context menu.

Pause during phone calls
If you enable this new feature in the Preferences menu, then the application will detect incoming and outgoing phone calls and pause playback during the call. This however works only if Remote for SoundBridge is running! So if you want to make a call, don't use to Back button to get to the Home screen because that terminates the app. Use the Home button instead - then the app continues running in the background!

This feature requires the additional permission Phone calls - read phone state and identity to listen for changes in the phone state, like incoming calls or off-hook. The app never uses the identity of the caller, but there is no separate permission in the Android system to distinguish between phone state and caller identity.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bugfix release 3.9

Release 3.9 fixes a bug that causes occasional crashes on some devices.

This is only an intermediate release, release 4.0 with new feature is coming soon!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Remove songs from the queue and enhancements for huge lists

With the new version 3.8 it is possible to remove songs from the Song Queue. I added a context menu to the Song Queue screen to provide this function. Because of a defect in the firmware of the SoundBridge this feature is disabled in Shuffle mode.

I also invested a lot of work to enhance the handling of huge lists. People who have thousands of songs in the "Blues" genre are able to see them all in RokuControl now. Of course it will take some seconds to transfer the data, but message like "Error: null" should be disappeared.