Sunday, April 01, 2012

Browse composers, sort artists by ignoring "The"

People who like classical music often tag their music with different tags for artist and composer: While the composer of  "Orchestral Suites BWV 1066" is J. S. Bach, the artist may be "The Academy of Ancient Music".
So consequently it should be possible to browse for either the artist or the composer - the new version 4.1 makes this possible.
This feature depends on the ability of your music server to browse by composers. Personally I use the Firefly Media Server which works seamless.
Listeners of popular music rarely use the composer tag, but they may have another problem: Ignore the "The"! Is "The Cult" listed between "Crowded House" and "Cyndi Lauper" or between "Tangerine Dream" and "Thin Lizzy"? With this version you may now customize the behavior using the Preferences screen: Tap on Browsing and then on Artist List Sort and choose the option you like.

Because the preferences menu got somewhat overloaded over the time I decided to split it into several screens.


  1. Hi Martin.

    I'm looking at trying to install this app on a Blackberry Playbook, which can run Android apps but currently has no access to the Android Market.

    Can I get a link to a direct download? If I get it working, you can submit it to Blackberry App World.


    1. The app is also hosted at You may install it from there using the AndroidPIT App Center.

    2. I too am interested in getting this on my blackberry playbook. Would you consider porting it? or providing the .bar file so we can do a self port?

      With the Android player on blackberry it's a relatively easy port, but something the developer needs to do and then submit to Blackberry AppWorld. Alternatively if you can provide us a link to download the .bar file we can try and load it into the player. Unfortunately with the Playbook this is not possible through the Android Market, we need the link to manually download the Bar file.



  2. Does anyone know if this great app has been ported to a. Bar file? I really want to use this with my playbook!


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