Sunday, June 24, 2012

Version 4.2: Enhancements for ICS

The number of devices with Android 4 rises steadily. So I invested some work to adapt the user interface to the new Holo theme on these devices. An action bar is now displayed at the bottom of the screen (in portrait mode) which gives you fast access to the most used actions of the app: Presets, Music servers, Browse, Song Queue, and Search.
Of course Remote for SoundBridge is still running on older versions of Android (starting with 2.1). But it still has the well-known user interface.
Users of all supported versions benefit from the other enhancements:
Now it is possible to control the playback volume of the SoundBridge with the hardware volume buttons of the phone.
The context menu of the Song Queue screen now offers an additional command to clear the whole queue at once.
Some users reported that the chosen sort order doesn't apply to all browsing methods, e.g. "Albums of Artist". I tried to fix this.
Have fun with this new version of Remote For SoundBridge!

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