Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bugfix release 4.4

Some users reported that some of the queuing methods, like Append all to queue, don't work. Although I can't reproduce this issue (because I don't use iTunes) I think I know what the reason is.

I tried to fix this in release 4.4. This is the one and only change, so most users won't see any difference compared with release 4.3.


  1. Hi, Martin! I´ve been using your app for a long time now, it does what it´s supposed to do. But suddenly the app can´t find Jamcast server anymore. I have no clue to what has been altered in my home network (win7). I´ve done portforwarding in my Netgear wnr 3500 router and the Jamcast router test succeeded. I use my stationary PC as server (Jamcast) and I have all my music in the windows 7 default music library. I have been able before to access this library from my SGS and the remote SB app, but now it just won´t work. Do you have any clue to what the problem can be?

    1. Try to use the standard remote control of the soundbridge to find your music server. Does this work? If not, then the problem is between music server and soundbridge.

  2. Hi Martin,
    I like your app more and more each day. And I like the fact it does display folder art from a few web-streams like radio paradise. However it does not seem to display album covers from my syno-nas (both integrated in the id3-tags and as folder.jpg in all respective containers/folders). Do you think it's feasible to implement this?
    Thanks and best regards,

    1. The app talks only with the SoundBridge and never with the streaming server.
      The SoundBridge API however doesn't support cover art - neither from folder images nor from id3 tags.
      If you could configure your music server to send the URL of the cover art embedded in the stream (like Radio Paradise does), then the app would display the cover as well.
      Another option is to enable the loading of covers from in preferences - This works well for popular music that is listed at


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