Saturday, March 01, 2014

Release 4.8 with detailed song information

This new version brings a long-wanted feature: Detailed song information (artist and album) in the browse and search screens. This works if connected to a local music server (UPnP, Firefly, ...) but not with internet radio.


  1. Such a great app on Android. Helps me manage two sound bridges. I just installed it on my Nexus7 Android 4.4.4 and oddly the search (magnifying glass) is missing. Its there OK on my HTC One x Android 4.1.1. Is that just how it is on Nexus ??

    1. This is because Android decides to place the action icons into the menu bar on tablets. And there's only room for four icons. But you may start a search by tapping on the dots right at the menu bar and selecting 'Search' from the pull-down menu.


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