Saturday, April 30, 2016

Version 4.10 allows to save and restore presets

Release 4.10 introduces the new feature to save the list of presets to the file system of your Android phone and to load it from there again.

This may be used to backup and restore the presets or to synchronize them between multiple SoundBridges.
The presets are stored as a file in the standardized XSPF format - so may use and edit it with other applications. The files are located in the directory Android/data/

Monday, April 25, 2016

Empty Time and Date display

Today my SoundBridge stopped showing time and date on its display. It shows only the signs ---:---.

The cause of the problem is that the SoundBridge takes its time information from the time server which isn't responding. I don't know if this problems persists and how long the server will be down. So I decided to use another time server.

Changing the time server of the SoundBridge is an easy task. Just open the web administration page http://soundbridge and click on Configuration. Scroll down to Time Zone & Network Time and enter into the input field Network Time Server:

After clicking Update Time Zone and Time Server my SoundBridge is showing the correct time and date again!