Version 4.10
  • Save and restore of presets.

Version 4.9
  • Restore scroll position when navigating through folders.
  • Enhanced scanning for SoundBridge players.

Version 4.8
  • Detailed song information (artist and album) in the browse and search screens.

Version 4.7
  • When browsing genres it is now possible to browse the artists of a genre first instead of going directly to the song list.
  • You may configure the default action that happens when touching an item of the song list (Queue and play, Append to queue, ...).

Version 4.6
  • It is now possible to increase the size of list items at Preferences - Browsing - List item size.
Version 4.5
  • Enhancements in handling of connections to SoundBridge.
  • Support for devices without touchscreen.

Version 4.4
  • Bug fix: User reported that some queuing methods don't work.

Version 4.3
  • UI enhancements for tablets: The main screen contains the song queue.
Version 4.2
  • UI enhancements: Use Holo theme and action bar on Android 3 and 4.
  • Volume buttons of phone control volume of SoundBridge.
  • Clear song queue option added to the long press context menu on the song queue screen.
  • Song list sort option applies to all browsing methods.
Version 4.1
  • New feature: Browse by composers.
  • Sort artists, composers, and albums by ignoring leading "The". This feature is optionally and can be customized using Preferences - Browsing - Artist List Sort.
  • Preferences were split into several screens.
Version 4.0
  • Application renamed from "RokuControl" to "Remote for SoundBridge".
  • Edit your favorites at Radio Roku.
  • Pause during phone calls. This new feature requires the additional permission Phone calls - read phone state and identity to listen for changes in the phone state, like incoming calls or off-hook.

Version 3.9
  • Bug fixed that causes occasional crashes on some devices.
Version 3.8
  • New feature: Remove songs from the song queue.
  • Enhancements to handle huge lists with thousands of items.

Version 3.7
  • Reintroduction of volume control buttons: Touching the loudspeaker symbols increases/decreases volume by one.
  • Display numerical volume level again.
  • Easy switching between multiple players: Bug fix.

Version 3.6
  • Easy switching between multiple players (long touch on song info - Switch Player).
Version 3.5
  • Browsing genres is now possible at UPnP/DAAP music servers too.
  • Search the Web for the now playing song (long touch on song info!).
  • Small UI modifications.
Version 3.4
  • Enlarge cover image.
  • Re-design of song queue screen.
  • Shuffle mode added.
Version 3.2
  • Scrobbling enhanced to avoid double or lost scrobbles.
  • Load cover art from You have to enable this feature at the preferences screen.
Version 3.1
  • Menu entry to append all songs of an album/playlist/folder to the song queue added to the context menu.
Version 3.0
  • Scrobbling added. This new feature has to be enabled explicitly at the preferences screen and is intended for users of
    Works with UPnP and DAAP servers but not with Internet radio.
Version 2.6
  • Setting added for the sort order because some users complained about the sorting introduced in version 2.5.
  • Browsing the artist list shows the album list in the next step.
    You have to enable this feature at the Preferences screen!
  • Display a more detailed error message if connecting to a music server fails.
  • Priority email support for users who donated to this app!
Version 2.5
  • Sort songs according to their track number when browsing albums or containers.
  • Avoid crash when parsing strange URLs on some Android versions.
Version 2.4
  • Browse internet radio stations by location.
  • User may set repeat mode (at the Song Queue screen).
  • Context menu to manage the song queue is now available while browsing containers too.
  • Display album cover art if the internet radio station provides an URL for it (e.g. Radio Paradise).
    You have to enable this feature at the Preferences screen!
  • Try to enhance the setup for new users: The app automatically scans the network for SoundBridge devices at first start.
Version 2.3
  • Enhanced scrolling of huge lists:
    • Fast scrolling control added.
    • Display first letter of album, artist, or genre.
  • WiFi check is more lenient now: If WiFi is not enabled or connected, then only a short hint is displayed, but the app tries to connect anyway. You may now use other networks than WiFi to control the SoundBridge!
  • Scanning for SoundBridge devices (Preferences -> Scan) has been speed up substantially.
Version 2.2
  • New feature: Manage the song queue.
Version 2.1
  • Support for different types of music servers like UPnP and DAAP.
  • Explore more internet radio stations by browsing genres at RokuRadio.
Version 1.3
  • New feature: Sleep timer.
Version 1.2
  • Edit presets.
  • Copy song title and URL to clipboard.
Version 1.1
  • Copy song title to clipboard (Long click on text!).